the problem.

It's tough times if you are a small business in Edmonton and it's only going to get tougher.

Brick and mortar stores have been seeing a steady decline in business as more shoppers choose to make purchases online and this situation is only made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

the plan.

Right now we are building a list of Edmonton small businesses that can support online sales and delivery right here in the city.

We want to encourage the community to support them while maintaining social distancing and staying at home.

Next we want to help other small business get online or source local delivery solutions to get their products into consumers hands.

In the coming days we're going to start by getting a database online that we source from social media. Reach out on twitter @shop_yeg if you want your business listed.

your part.

Supporting local businesses and maintaining social isolation at the same time.

Help us by recommending a local business that has online sales already OR refer a business to us so that we can help them get online.

Let's take care of each other and keep it *local* Edmonton.